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Road Trips!

November 27, 2008

Oh don’t you just looooove road trips! so awesome…usually!

Today I’m gonna blog about two road trips that I went on recently…the first was to Brisbane which was to celebrate Matt’s birthday…you can see his face on the previous post…

His birthday is one the 16th November 2008. He “used” to be staying in Toowoomba until just recently when he was called away from us to go to Canberra and work for Telstra. The story itself is pretty cool…according to what I know it went something like this:

Matt had no plans to leave Toowoomba (regional Queensland for non-Australian exposed peeps)…but he was looking for a job. He sent in his resume to an online website on a Monday (read Day 1) and got an unexpected call within an hour regarding his resume! These sites usually take days if not weeks for applicants to respond but his must have been outstanding! The conversation went something along the lines of this:

“Hey, can you come down for an interview tomorrow?” A little stunned he inquired where the interview would be taking place. “Canberra”, came the reply. “We would like to hold an interview tomorrow if that’s possible”, continued the voice on the other side of the phone. “Erm…”, replied Matt. “I’m now in Toowoomba…in Queensland” (Its a 2 hr flight). The voice said, “oh, what about Wednesday?” Matt thought for a while and agreed to meet for an interview on Wednesday.

(Matt correct me if I’m wrong but thats how it went in my happy head). No, I wasn’t there…So anyway, Matt shelled out just enough money for the flight first thing Wednesday morning. He didn’t have much and was putting everything on the line.

Day 3.

Early morning Wednesday Matt flew to Camberra and back. I don’t know the details but he was exhausted after that. The next morning (Thursday) he got a call saying that he got the job and would be required to start working the following Monday!!! This meant that he would have 3 days to get everything packed up and ready to go as well as say bye to everyone here! He emptied out his room in record time and within 48hrs he was ready to leave Toowoomba…Needless to say we had plenty of flour, eggs and water ready to send him off…unfortunately I was taking pics on the Polaroid so I cant upload them but it was fun!

A couple months later, his birthday arrived and we went down to Brisbane to surprise him…just a few of us: Me, Justin, Derrick, Steph, and Deborah (- his girlfriend)


Dont have a portait pic of deborah coz she was dressing up to pick Matt up from the airport so we went out for dinner in the city…

The original plan was to get a cake and hide in the room then surprise matt when he got there but as you know murphy’s law superseeds plans – “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. First up his flight got delayed by an hour. Bare in mind that Deborah and Matt had a room but the three of us still had to drive back to Toowoomba that night. Nevermind, we thought we’d have more time to go sightseeing…which was true because as we were walking we say some people dancing.

Its pretty cool coz they had ad DJ, choreographer and all that jazz…

Thats the choreographer…can barely see his mic…

Theres Mr. DJ and his supporters…

whoops…and heres Mr blurry cam…you know you need a new prime when the 50mm f/1.8D isn’t fast enough…can’t wait to upgrade to the f/1.4…but gonna wait til the new f/1.4G comes out…

This one:

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G

It looks so much better than its older brother which is trialed and proven.

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D

Kinda wish Nikon would release an f/1.2 though…may be only half a stop faster than a 1.4 and prices would be overkill but why not? Canon has one… 🙁


back to the dancing…there were some people really getting into it…

Quite a cool thing they had going there…anyway, we later on found out that Matt’s flight wasn’t delayed…rather the flight before his got cancelled and the people on that one was pushed to his flight which still managed to leave on time! …so they were at the hotel and we weren’t…Of course once we knew we immediately drove off…Deborah managed to get him to go out for a while while we snuck into the room with a 2nd key card to the room…

Matt and Deborah

He was quite surprised although I kinda gave it away by forgetting to turn off the bathroom lights…all in all it was a fun day…plus, we had just finished our exams the day before and it was fun to get out…we had a good chat until about 1.30am in the morning…

just chilling..
just chilling..

When we left we made the mistake for following Derricks no-name-brand GPS which led us to some weird place with no electricity and half the road closed…I had enough when I heard the following instructions:

“Follow the course of the road until further instructions”

We doubled back all the way to the city (which meant we wasted 1+ hour and I took my own way back…the way which was familiar to me.

Catching up to the present

November 25, 2008

Ok, first real post.

Its holidays. I’ve got nothing much to do so instead of writing what I did yesterday/today (- by today I mean…nothing) I think I’ll start from early this month. As I said before, this will be the place to offload pictures of people and fun happenings. I’ll slowly catch up to today but in seperate posts as some pretty fun things have made this holiday week EXTREMELY busy! Birthdays, people leaving, road trips have been on and off so theres plenty to blog about…for a while.

First off is Sue!

Sue otherwise known to me as Susu (means milk in Malay but thats not the point) has been back for a little over a month…came back for graduation in September and left in November…Ironically she left during exams so everyone was busy and couldnt really layan her…but in her last week we managed to go to the uni and take some pics anyway…

Blue Tongue Syndrome

Meet Susu.

From Penang.

Graduated from USQ in September 2008.

Ambition: TV Presenter

…blue tongue courtesy of Seven-Eleven

Free Slurpee Day

Free Slurpee Day

We got free Slurpees that day…They have it twice a year: 7th of November and 11th of July (7/11 and 11/7)

It works worldwide…go into any Seven-Eleven store and just wish the guy at the counter a Happy 7-11 day for a free small slurpee!

Susu with Steph

Susu with Steph

Ooh lookie lookie here…you can see susu’s BCG thingie…Linzhi should take note…she always says hers is big….thats nothing compared to this behemoth!

Of course you have to take the a picture with the main entrance...

Susu doing her thang...

Susu doing her thang...

new trademark shot?

new trademark shot?

I know the above shot is cheesy and lame in so many ways…but I like it! I don’t know why but I do…it might become my trademark shot soon as I’ve taken a few pics like this just out of the you’ll see further down the line…

Next is Mattie B.

Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman

He’s been working in Canberra for a while now and just recently came back for the weekend to celebrate his 21st Birthday with his family..we drove down to  Brisbane to surprise him! This is perhaps not the most flattering photo but he deserves it as you’ll see soon enough! In the meantime I think thats it for this post and will do Matt’s birthday tomorrow…(gives me something to look forward to…)

Till then…out.

New blog. New Site. New Start.

November 22, 2008

In the beginning, Jiaren created the Blog. It was void and without form.

Lightning from Emu Gully near Toowoomba during our church hailed that day but it didnt reach us...

Lightning from Emu Gully near Toowoomba during our church hailed that day but it didnt reach us...

Hey there,
If you read under the “Welcome to my little blog” it’ll pretty much explain what this will be all about. The time now is 3.46am in the morning and I have to go to church at 9am. I’ve been so busy today that this is the only time I can do something…and I can’t bear to leave this site empty for a minute longer!

I’ve been waiting for the domain transfer since Monday (now being Sat) and just spent the last hour selecting a good first theme for the blog. Basically the theme for the blog as you can so obviously see is “In pursuit of the composition”.

To photographers, the composition refers to have the elements in a picture have been placed carefully to draw the maximum amount of interest from the scene itself. On the flipside, composition, as the rest you know refers to words, remblings and blabberings…so here the word, “composition” refers to both these two words of photography and creative written linguistics that harmoniously complement each other.

“Taking life one actuation at a time” is my slogan. Just thought of it…man I’m brilliant, eh?! An actuation is a shot taken…also came to mind for various themes and slogans were:


  • Composition Proposition
  • Pentaprism **something** (couldnt think of anything)


  • Freezing life one shot at a time
  • Freezing memories frame by frame

Please feel free to drop me a line, comment or whatever…
PS. If you don’t like the theme It’ll only be here for a couple of days/weeks at the most…In the meantime, feel free to checkout my flickr at or click on the picture above.
God bless,