“JIAREN” Ambigram Logo

January 24, 2009

Hey, just thought I’d post something I created…idea came to me while listening to a sermon (but obviously not really listening) a couple Sundays back and I started doodling on them church handout thingiemajigs…

In case some of you don’t know, an ambigram is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation (definition from Wikipedia). In other words, you can turn the word upside down and it will still spell the same thing…like the ones you’ll see in that new movie “Angels and Demons”.

I tried to create an ambigram logo of my name. I got the basic design before church finished but the hard part came when it came to digitizing it. Here is the original draft:

Mr. blurrycam strikes again. Sorry the pic is straight from the iPhones crappy camera.

Mr. blurrycam strikes again. Apologies for the crap picture. Its straight from the iPhones crappy camera.

Anyway, as I was saying, the hard part is digitizing it. You see I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the pen tool found in Adobe’s Photoshop for several months…about 6 months to be exact. The beauty of the pen tool is that it exists in a vector scale format. That means that unlike pictures which you zoom in the the picture gets pixelated and becomes worse and worse, a vector formatted image can be blow up as big a possible while retaining the original clarity and sharpness.

…and now a word to all the graphic designers out there: I know what you’re thinking. Screw Illustrator. If I wanted to learnt illustrator I would…but I’m a photographer. I loooooooooooove photoshop!

So for the past few months I’ve been trying to use the pen tool but end up not going anywhere. This “project” really helped jump start me in learning the basics of the pen tool…so I can now draw custom shapes that look pretty and are vector formatted.

After 2 days (yes – 2 days!) of working on my logo I finally completed one that mildly satisfies. By 2 days I actually mean 2 nights as I was only on it from like midnight to the wee hours of morning which is sleepy time for mua. The first day I completed it and that was version 1. The next day I made it less “edgy” and more “curvy” which took about the same amount of time to make the whole thing in the first place. That was version 2. The curves no longer went with the underline and so I played around with it and I noew present to you version 2.1 of my ambigram logo:

It reads "Jiaren" this way as well as upside-down.

It reads "Jiaren" this way as well as upside-down.

…and now for the dissapointing part:

Later on I was googling ambigram and came across an ambigram creator. This intrigued me and so I threw in my name to see what would come out…much to my surprise the created ambigram which only took a couple of seconds to recreate looked SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE!!! I was a little bit annoyed but the experience taught me a lot.

Comments and/or critique anyone? (besides the obvious need to refine it).

8 Responses to ““JIAREN” Ambigram Logo”

  1. linzhi says:

    eeee, not fair! I tried my name on the ambigram creator but it says not possible 🙁 How come yours can and mine cannot.

  2. Jiaren says:

    Wei thats good lor! So u can do ur own!

    Btw jiaxen oso couldnt generate his either but replace the “R” with an “X” and my ambigram works for him as well!

  3. Waniduckie says:

    Ooh lookie here~! I shall link yu up. 😉 Nice nice awesome pictures btw!

  4. ychu says:

    eh… this is cool!

    give me the link, I wanna play with it also 😛


  5. Anderson says:

    Bro.. I tried the Ambigram Generator for my name.. It works! Pretty too. By the way, SELAMAT TAHUN BARU CINA ah!

  6. Jiaren says:

    Yie Chu: Just google ambigram and you’ll find it… Im jealous so I’m not about to advertise it, heh…

    Anderson: Thanks bro!

  7. vector says:

    Wonderful, very helpful to me, thank you.

  8. Eliᴢabeth had actսally covеrtly wished that such monsters
    definitely ϲarried out exist.

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