This one’s for you, Ian!

Right now getting busy for Easterfest. I’m guessing a lot of people will be searching Easterfest 2009 right now so I’m gonna skip ahead on the wedding, Marina Bay, and possibly Andrix’s captain’s induction posts and will return to tell the tale later on.

Didn’t even have time to edit these shots so apart from the obvious crop of the picture above the rest are straight out of the camera. I reckon they’re pretty good anyway and even PS “auto levels” function just made ’em even worse!

Its interesting because most of these shots were taken with flash White balance although the light actually came from the door. The setting is in Ian’s house who has a large front sliding glass door but the actual inside of the house doesn’t reflect much making it a perfect dark background. Surprisingly it was awesome for portraits with the clean white porcelain floor beautifully difusing the soft sunlight giving it that “strobist” effect.


Bunny teeth!

Meet Aoife, Ian's 1+ yr old daughter exhibiting cuteness bunny teeth!

By the way, did you know that I taught her to walk???

By the way, did you know that I taught her to walk???

Baby doing what babies do best! -putting everything in their mouth!

Baby doing what babies do best! -putting everything in their mouth!

Deep in Thought

Deep in Thought

How can that face NOT get away with anything?!

How can that face NOT get away with anything?!


13 Responses to “Aoife (IPA: [ˈiːfʲə]); Phonetic Pronunciation: EE-fah”

  1. linzhi says:

    Aww, she’s so cuutttee!! Darn, I think I’m gonna be the last one who gets to meet her. Mum and dad are going back in August 😛

  2. Jiaren says:

    I know…they’re coming to my graduation…so lets pray that I graduate!

  3. linzhi says:

    Yeeaaaa, u beetttteerrr!! I will come and visit you after that 😀 Maybe around your birthday? That would be coooll! I can take videos of your friends throwing eggs and rotten milk at you. hehehehe!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Ian sent me this link.
    Awesome photos! She really IS cute!!!

  5. Jiaren says:

    Indeed! I got TONS of pics of her…these are a few of my personal faves…

  6. cathbad says:

    I’ve just stumbled on this website while searching for the celtic heroin “aoife” in google, a thumbnail caught my eye, and just couldn’t help view the whole gallery.

    Aoife is so cute ! Having a little girl myself, I’m very sensitive to the expressions you captured in your photographs. A-MA-ZING. BEAU-TI-FUL. These words instantly come to my mind.

    My hat down to Aoife and her father.


  7. Jiaren says:

    Hey Cathbad,

    Thanks for dropping by! I must say when I first read the top part of your comment I thought to myself, “oh no, one of the spam comments must’ve gotten through!”…

    After you said that I went ahead and googled “Aoife” as well! Her dad’s a brilliant photograher as well. I stayed over when I was visiting and couldn’t resist taking some shots for myself!

    Check out her dad’s website:

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