I’m playing catch up again. My apologies. If you follow me regularly you’ll know this vid was up on facebook yonks* ago! (*ages – for my M’sian friends 🙂 )

**shameless referral to me: www.facebook.com/jiarenlau. Add me if you know me. I don’t add people I don’t know…and I don’t know enough people who don’t know me who want to know me to start a page for my photography. (O.o)

The reason being was that it was such a lovely ceremony. Beautiful venue, gorgeous couple, and weather to die for. I’d plan to write a long narrative for this story but alas things get pretty busy pretty quick.

…and now I’m being pestered to upload a bunch of other events that have taken place in the not so distant past (but not recent past either…)

Maybe if I have the time I’ll come back t this one but in the meantime you can watch the slideshow video which I’m very proud of. The song was their wedding song for the customary first dance so I didn’t need to go through the usual thousand songs to figure out which one I wanted.

I’ll be uploading another post tomorrow so watch out for that.

Also, Ian kindly made a blog post about this for me as well from a “behind-the-scenes” perspective. You can see it by visiting his website at http://www.iansalang.com/?p=1202

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