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Mission Trip to Cambodia

February 1, 2009

My travel holiday officially started on the 13th December 2008. I’m pretty sure this is the best holiday ever! …and the best part: ITS NOT EVEN OVER YET!!! too bad Steph is in M’sia…would be nice to have her company :(

Anyway, so my holiday goes like this:





**drove back to Holland: LONDON – FRANCE – BELGIUM – HOLLAND (28 Dec ’08)


ABERDEEN – LONDON (04 Feb ’09)

LONDON – KUALA LUMPUR – MIRI (05 – 06 Feb ’09)

MIRI – KUALA LUMPUR (18 Feb ’09)

KUALA LUMPUR – SINGAPORE (dunno…unbought)


sort of complicated but you get the idea...

sort of complicated but you get the idea...

*Phew* thats a heck of an itinerary huh? now you know the backlog of my blog posts, haha…and so, I present the Captain’s Log.

Day 1: 13th December 2008

I am embarking on my journey around the world in 70 days. Weather is calm, flight departure is on time. Stephanie is accompanying me for the first leg of the journey. No events to report.

Day 2: 14th December 2008

Safely arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Retrieved luggage and proceeded through immigration. Upon exiting the terminal, taxi driver with my name is present. Two hours drive to Ipoh to visit my grandmother and relatives, as well as little 1 year, 8 month old Eanne.

Grandma and grand daughter

Grandma and grand daughter

Fumbly hands ...check.

Fumbly hands ...check.

Dudgy feet ...check.

Pudgy feet ...check.

Girl talk ...check.

Girl talk ...check.

Headshot 1

Headshot 1

Headshot 2

Headshot 2

Head and Shoulder

Head and Shoulder


my failed attempt at hi-key...too lazy to photoshop...

Mother & Daughter 1 (My Auntie Chritz)

Mother & Daughter (My Auntie Chritz)

Father & Daughter (My Uncle Ming)

Father & Daughter (My Uncle Ming)

...and finish it off with a family portrait.

...and finish it off with a family portrait.

Day 3: 15th December 2008

Took train back down to Kuala Lumpur. Roamed around the city for a bit. First stop: NANDO’S CHICKEN!!! No events to report.

Day 4: 16th December 2008

Today we were scheduled to meet up five more of the people that would be accompanying us on the mission trip to Cambodia. However, they were only to arrive in the late afternoon. Therefore, Steph and I decided to pay a visit to the Bird Park in Lake Gardens. Unfortunately, on the way there the cab driver convinced us that the butterfly park wouldve been a better place to visit …and so, we went to the butterfly park instead.

taken by Steph at the Butterfly Park, Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.

taken by Steph at the Butterfly Park, Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.

This is kinda cool...not exactly a butterfly but who cares?

This is kinda cool...not exactly a butterfly so what is it?

Sigma 10-20mm @ f/16 + ND8 Cokin P154

Taken with Sigma 10-20mm @ f/16 + ND8 Cokin P154 (I love wide angles!)

Day 5: 17rd December 2008

Today we venture into the uncharted territories of…*drum roll* …CAMBODIA! *thunder in background*

We were on a mission trip to Phnom Penh where we would be ministering to three small villages as part of an outreach by New Life Fellowship (NLF), the organization which allowed us to come. They have been building the community for a couple of years now. They are basically a church that have provided the community with a place to worship and learn about God. Besides that, they also provide English lessons as well as computer training to the locals which greatly increase their chances of getting a decent job…and they’re VERY good too! Our translators were taught by NLC and are proficient in both English and Cambodian (obviously!)…Not only that but they provide medicine and first aid medical treatment to the locals. SO much so that the government has actually recognized their contribution to society and are actually funding them in some parts as their own hospitals and clinics are inadequate to meet the demand. Seriously, they’re very very good so if you are reading this I urge you to continue to pray for this organization and that Gods hand be upon them.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Pastor Kim and made our way to our accomodation by tuk-tuk.

Very dusty and my nose is very sensitive so I used my hanky to cover my face, hehe...

Very dusty and my nose is very sensitive so I used my hanky to cover my face, hehe...

Townview Hotel, our accomodation for the first 3 nights.

Townview Hotel, our accomodation for the first 3 nights.

Below is our first dinner. You can see the team from our Mission Trip. The first three on the left is Pastor Kim, an Australian pastor that moved here a couple of years ago. The two beside him are his wife and daughter.

From the Left side of the Table

From the Left side of the Table: Pastor Kim, Nicole, ?, Pastor Yew Meng, Seng Yee, Jason, Patrick, Andrix, Edna, Ben, Stephanie, and Auntie Elena.


As you can see they've already adapted to the local culture, hehe...

As you can see they've already adapted to the local culture...

Day 6: 18th December 2008

This was an awesome day! We went to a local program thingie where they look after small children including first aid medical attention and washing of their feet. However, the main purpose of the program is to expose these youngsters to Christ and Christianity. We had a blast, we were humbled, we were amazed, we were so blessed that day…and…







Lousy stupid friggin #%#@%!!!!!!!!!

In my defense, I didn’t actually forget, it was that I woke up late for breakfast so instead of walking back to the hotel and taking my bag I had to go straight to the church from the restaurant…

…at least I managed to get some pictures of what we did at night. I’ll let the pictures tell the story:


We visited this house sort of like a boys hostel which housed quite a lot of them. We were invited for dinner and got to know some of them.


You can see me in my "relentless for Christ" shirt...the guy to my right is Si Hua, the guy I met and got to know a little bit better. Credit to Steph for taking the picture.

After that, we prayed for them and took a nice group photo. (the houses in Cambodia are such that they're great for taking these kinds of group pics)

After that, we prayed for them and took a nice group photo. (the houses in Cambodia are such that they


Even though we were only there for an hour or so we felt that we had really bonded. However, it was time to bid farewell and it was really quite touching.

Day 7: 19th December 2008

Today we had a day off…a day completely to ourselves. What normal people do on such an occasion is to visit the Angkor Wut…one of the 7 wonders of the world! …but instead we go to a museum of torture and the killing fields where a regime that took place was so cruel and so merciless that their exploits made Hitler look like kindergarden.


Toulsleng Genocide Musuem


Read it. Seriously. Read it.


Pictures too small to see...but basically what they do is hoist the prisoners up by their hands which are tied behind their back. They automatically hang upside down. The torturers interrogate them until they pass out. Then, they are lowered so their head go inside the pots which are filled with some smelly fertilizer thing. This causes them to immediately regain consciousness so the interrogation can continue.


This picture depicts how they kill babies. The first torturer throws the babies in the air. The second holds a rifle up towards the baby. On the tip of the rifle is a knife. The baby falls on the knife which pierces it before the torturer flicks the baby onto the mass pile of bodies of previous babies. Some babies do not immediately die but because of blood loss.

This was just the beginning. There are many more but I’ll stop there. Theres more gruesomeness to come…Next, we paid a visit to the killing fields, where thousands of people were slaughtered to death and left to die in mass graves which are all over the place.


Choeungek Genocidal Center. Credit Will for taking the photo. (I think)


The Killing Tree. Another form of how babies were killed. The executioner would hold the baby by thier feet, swing their head against the tree so that they crack open their skulls, and thrown into a pit (which is just to the right of the tree which I didnt picture).


See those indents in the ground? Each one holds the remains of over 100 bodies.


This monumet was erected to pay respects to the people who were killed during this time. The centre is housed with thousands of human skulls which have been excavated from the killing fields and placed on shelves.


Will decided he should start giving money away...nah, just kidding, but thats what we thought!


The Royal Palace - at least the gate anyway.

After a full day out around the town we went back to Pastor Kims “Healing Home” The healing home concept is hie brainchild where a set of decentralized houses act as a sort of nursing home or clinic where they can take care of the less fortunate and people who cannot afford to stay in private (or public) hospitals. Instead of having a single hospital like building, his plan is to have at least one healing home in ever province and eventually in every town or village. Below is the first healing home. They provide basic ammenities free of charge and at present can accomodate 4-6 people.


This is one of the rooms where patients stay. On the bottom right you can see a door. That leads to the attached toilet.


This is the toilet. Its basic but sufficient.

In case you’re wondering, they don’t simply give medicine to the patients. If the case is severe, they will have the patient examined beforehand by a certified practitioner before following carefully their treatment procedure. They employ certified nurses to administer the treatments.


After that we had dinner at a nice little coffee shop. Our group was so big that we took the entire upstairs area! lol...Credit Ben for taking the picture.

Day 8: 20th December 2008

Today we checked out of Townview Hotel on our quest to the remote parts of the country. We visited a place called Kampong Thom, some 3 hours drive North (I think) of Phnon Penh, the capital city.


On the way there we stopped at a petrol station for a toilet break. This is an interesting petrol station. Scroll down to find out why.


There are four steps to the operation of this technology. It really makes you appreciate what we have.

Step 1: Put the nozzle into the petrol tank of the vehicle.

Step 2: Push the flap so that the petrol flows into the vehicle. This is done by something called gravity.

Step 3: Watch the measurement on the side of the cylinder to see how much petrol was released. This calculates the cost of the petrol.

Step 4: Rotate the lever so petrol pumps up into the cylinder once again and stop when the measurement hits zero “0″.

Simple as that.


When we arrived for lunch beside the hotel which we stayed at we were greeted with the sight on deep fried crickets. Needless to say I tried it. ...can't say it tastes like chicken though!

After our lunch (which did NOT consist of insects) we had a little bit of time to unwind before heading to our first destination in Kampong Thom.


This is the church where the first celebration took place. The house in the background in the church and they erected a stage outside to accommodate enough people.


While they were setting up stage we played volleyball with the local kids! Thanks KEC otherwise I'd be uber crap.


When the celebration began it was already dark.


They had singing...


They had breakdancing...


...and as you can see there was a lot of people!


Finally, it was our turn. We presented 3 songs. Credit to Auntie Elena for taking the picture.

You cant see it from the picture but at the time there were bugs flying all over our heads and it was so difficult to try pretend that it wasn’t bothering us! After we finished our presentation we headed back straight away because it was already late and it wasn’t exactly a “friendly” neighbourhood.

Day 9: 21st December 2008

The very next day we were to visit a small local church. By small and mean REALLY small. Our pastor was set to preach today. Of course there were translators there too.


The wide angle lens literally got the whole church in this shot. Is a small zink hut with a zink roof.


We wore our C2C shirts today. Can anyone guess what it stands for? It says "R U C2C?".


Heres a shot of the congregation from the front.


This is the pastor of the local church.


We also did half the praise and worship. We did actions with our songs and got the congregation to join in as well!


Needless to say we were quite thirsty after that.


After the service we gave all the little children gift bags which had different things ranging from Koala key chains (see pic.) to Australian candy bars!


Group photo of the whole church.


Pastor noticed a motorcycle that belonged to the pastors wife who gave him permission to ride it. According to his wife (on bike) he used to bring her out like this when they were dating...over 20 years ago! Good times!

That night was our third and final appearance as we did the same thing as the first celebration but in a different church. Needless to say I won’t dwell into the details.


This was funny: Steph saw this cure little girl and wanted to take a picture with her. The other kids are like insects who are attracted to the light from the camera flashgun. After I took this shot Ben said he also wanted a picture with her but when the other kids noticed they quickly gathered around to be in the photo as well.


As the other kids crammed into the frame they ended up squishing the little girl (see pic) while Ben was still happily smiling to the camera. ...poor girl.


Later on in order to entertain them Jason thought of leading with the song "Christ is the Vessel" and its actions and the kids followed on...the kids follow everything you do...and so...that gave me and INGENIUS IDEA!


Thanks to Andy I started singing "MAKING MELODIES IN MY HEART"!!! ...and everybody followed! It was awesome!


As you can see once again this christmas celebration did in fact draw a huge audience!

And that was it for our mission trip. We were done. Finitimo. Habis. Kaput. The next day we were to catch our flight back to Kuala Lumpur (and for myself, Ben and Edna, straight on to Singapore).

Day 10: 22nd December 2008

The last day in Cambodia…and what do we do?

SHOPPING! We had a couple hourse to kill before we had to be at the airport.


They sell clothes, souvenirs, bags, ornaments, electronics, etc...


They also sell food and drinks!

To the Cambodians, this is the Russian Market

To the Australians, this is like the Sunday market.

To the Malaysians, this is like Petaling Street.

To the Dutch, this is like Hobbyma.

To the Scots, this is like Primark! haha!


back at the airport and all in one piece! The last group photo before we went our seperate ways.


Flying back to Kuala Lumpur.

After this, the three of us flew directly to Singapore. Thats Captains Log Day 11…and we’ll save that for another day.

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

I’m late again (whats new eh?) and have decided to stop apologizing everytime it takes me so long to update…coz its only gonna make it worse, lol..

I’ve been busy and have been extremely enjoying this holiday…unfortunately, my brother went back to school today and my sister went back to Scotland so I’ve got plenty of time now…btw, this is going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post.


“…well, because I have to update on everything that happened in December so I can hurry up and start on this new year…this post is playing catch up.”

The Queen Mary Falls will be the main thingie but I’ll also throw in some pictures of our pre-christmas party (long overdue) and whatever I find in my December folder.

Queen Mary Falls

Ok, so Queen Mary Falls is located in South East Queensland – very very close to the border between QLD and NSW. The story goes something like this:

Queen Mary of England herself rode a horse through the waterfalls and loved the place. This was long ago when she was still a child. Well…either it was her or Queen Elizabeth but its called Queen Mary Falls so I guess the former would be correct. I’m about 10% sure.

I actually went twice. The first was to scout the place out as all good photogs do. The second was to pinpoint the good spots. (By first I meant my friendship parent took me there and by second, I meant I told my friends about it ad ended up planning another trip there!

Didn’t take many pics the first time as there were just the three of us: Me, Steph, and Mark (friednship parent). The upside is that I can some good pictures with steph!

look how long and gay my hair looks...!
look how long and gay my hair looks…!

by the way, for those of you who don't know: This is my friendship parent. Meet Mark Evans!
by the way, for those of you who don’t know this is my friendship parent: Meet Mark Evans!

Yes, I’ve cut my hair since then…

Oh, one thing cool about the first trip was that I got to test out my ND and ND grad filters…but me being me I forgot to bring my tripod AND filter holder that day!. Darn. For those of you who don’t know (which I’m guessing are most of you) an ND is a Neutral Density filter. Basically its like sunglasses for your camera so you can take slower shots in broad daylight. A graduated ND filter is the same thing but only the top half is darkened…anyway, you get this sort of effect:

One of my first shots with an ND grad filter. I can't remember if this was the Tian Ya or the HiTech one.
One of my first shots with an ND grad filter. I can’t remember if this was with the Tian Ya or the Hitech one.
This is with both ND grads stacked so thats why it looks so crap.
This is with both ND grads stacked so thats why it looks so crap.

You can see my finger holding the filter on the bottom right hand corner there! Anyway, the second time around the clouds weren’t as beautiful but I brought my tripod so got some nice shots.

Steph and Mark. My fave pic of the day.
Steph and Mark. My fave pic of the day.

Now I’m gonna stop blabbering and throw a bunch of photos so I can get to the next topic. The following pictures were taken on the second trip:

The bunch of us who were there.
The bunch of us who were there.
Queen Mary Falls (The main waterfall)
Queen Mary Falls (The main waterfall). Apologize for the vignetting…lens too wide. Taken with Hitech ND4 Grad hard edge.
There are also parrots.
There are also parrots.
Pretty parrots.
Pretty parrots.
Friendly parrots. btw, this is Koh Doh Ming. We call him Kodomo.
Friendly parrots. btw, this is Koh Doh Ming. We call him Kodomo. See how happy he is?
Credits to Steph for taking the picture
Kodomo, Edna, Ben, Sabrina, and Wilson.
Kodomo, Edna, Ben, Sabrina, and Wilson.
This is now the backgroud wallpaper for my iPhone.
This is now the backgroud wallpaper for my iPhone.
Elsey, Andrea, Edna, Ben, Wilson, Sabrina at Daggs Falls.
Elsey, Andrea, Edna, Ben, Wilson, Sabrina at Daggs Falls.

Perhaps this is a good time to explain that the Queen Mary Falls National Park is a nature reserve that consists of three main waterfalls and small streams. The main one is of course Queen Mary Falls followed by Brown Falls and the smallest one being Daggs Falls.

Behold Daggs Falls. Apologize for crap photo. Still learning how to use Ultra Wide Angles.

One of my 2 fave shots of the day

By the way, the pictures that have my watermark and border link to my flickr page. I edit them for impact. The others are straight from camera.
By the way, the pictures that have my watermark and border link to my flickr page. I edit them for impact. The others are straight from camera.
The walk to Daggs falls is amazing. Stop and appreciate Gods work.

The walk to Daggs falls is amazing. Stop and appreciate Gods work.

Derrick and Steph...dont you love the backlit leaves!!!
Derrick and Steph…dont you love the backlit leaves!!!
Group photo!
Group photo! Back row: Jiaren, Derrick, Patrick, Ben, Wilson, Kodomo. Front row: Steph, Andrea, Elsey, Edna, Sabrina.
Fun shot!
Fun shot!

this is a bit scary...
this is a bit scary…
Sweet couple.
Sweet couple.

...and my last shot of the day. (so cute, isnt she?)
…and my last shot of the day. (so cute, isnt she?) gosh I miss her… :(

…and its 1am…forget it, I’m done for the night…Will continue later…below is a gallery of the shots above and more. 91 pics altogether. Click for a 640×480 picture and feel free to request the pics u want forwarded to you. See ya soon!

Hi all,

It’s 3.30am on Saturday morning and I’ve been rolling around in bed…can’t seem to sleep so decided to contribute something to the blog…we’ll see what time this post finishes later…I didn’t quie get to post about the second road trip because I fell asleep writing the previous hopefully this will be short and sweet so that I can move on to some more interesting things…

I made the mistake of starting from events from the beginning of November thinking that it would be boring so at least I could keep myself occupied with posting past adventures but turns out this holiday is pretty darn entertaining and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon!

OK, so this road trip was to the Sunshine Coast…we at USQ (University of Southern Queensland) had finished our exams earlier but Wilson’s girlfriend studies at USC (University of Sunshine Coast) and it was her last day of exam so we went down to pick her up to come back with us to toowoomba…

meet Wilson.

meet Wilson.

Meet Sabrina.

Meet Sabrina.

Edna also came with us…her boyfriend had to work so he didn’t come…but that didn’t stop him from bugging her on the phone about 5 times an hour! (kidding!)

Meet Edna.

Meet Edna.

Sunshine Coast for those of you who don’t know is like the Gold Coast but not as commercialized. Having said that its still booming with hotels along the beach but is not nearly as bad as the Gold Coast. We were ready for 2 fun filled days of FUN-IN-THE-SUN…

unfortunately, the weather did not quite agree…

From the moment we left Toowoomba til the moment we arrived it was just grey and miserable! It didn’t stop raining either…so theres no pictures of what would’ve been a beautiful landscape so I’ll just have to bore you with that we did do – SHOPPING…BO-RRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNG!

We went to the Cuckoo Clock House which was nice…as always…

When we arrived at USC Sabrina just finished her final exam…we waited for her in a gallery in the middle of the Uni coz it was too wet outside…there was a sign that said no photography but thanks to my new Fastpack 350 bag I was able to sneak a few shots without getting caught…

At the ‘Coast we went to a mall there and spent 4 friggin hours there! (the above people really can SHOP!)

After getting bored I took some pictures of the mall…

Needless to say that got old real fast…we finally headed back after everyone was satisfied with their shopping…A darn special mention to the Tahitians who were allowed us to stay overnight in their house. They were exceedingly abundantly hospitable and friendly! …so special thanks to Bob, Perry, and Naomi *hope I got that right* They all have tatoos and I found this one particularly interesting…

looks cool eh?

looks cool eh? (one of Perry's many tats)

They’re technically from Tahiti but they don’t live on the main island itself…they came from another small island which is a French colony…so they all speak French! Their house was beautiful and Edna had some sort of fetish with their toilet…

Toilet Fetish?!

Toilet Fetish?! (man, I love my UWA Sigma)

all in all it wasn’t sunny and we didn’t get to go swimming…but we had fun none-the-less! …and what better way to finish it off with a group photo:

Thats Bob and Perry in the middle with Steph and I on the side...Perry was working.

Stay tuned, you won’t believe what I did next…I went flying!!! …and Iet me tell you arial photography is no easy feat! sneak preview:

From Left: Jiaren, Aaron, Ps. Yew Meng

From Left: Jiaren, Aaron, Ps. Yew Meng

…and the time now is 4.36am.