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Okay, this is a fun one…

…but first, an explanation for that previous post:

I have WordPress for my iPhone so I can update my blog anywhere (which ironically I never use). It logs in automatically to my account without asking for a password. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Aaron, in his not-so-infinite wisdom, decided it would be funny to post something while I left my phone on his table…bad move.

So, moving on, let’s start with a background on what “Serious Fun” is (taken from the City Women website).

Serious Fun is an exciting program designed to connect with women in our community. It evolved to meet a need that was shown through the Girls’ Getaway and Shine programs. Serious Fun give mums a similar experience of being touched by God’s love and being encouraged by members of City Women.

These two ladies have had a rough time these past couple of years (I won’t go into details) but Friday Online and City Women thought it would be nice to treat them to make them feel a little bit special. The real props go to Kady Berry from the Petite Parlour and Hayley Balingall from The Do hair salon located at 4 Russell Street, Toowoomba. They took the time out of their Monday (which is their closing day) to treat these ladies to a beautiful makeover for FREE!

Meet the ladies:





These are the shots after the makeover:



Yes, I do have some close-ups…

Jennie BEFORE:bella_serious_fun_By_Jiaren_Lau-9799

Jennie AFTER:


Cut: Hayley
Blowdry: Hayley
Colour: Chloe
Makeup: Kady


Leanne BEFORE:bella_serious_fun_By_Jiaren_Lau-9808

Leanne AFTER:


Cut: Reneé
Blowdry: Reneé
Colour: Reneé
Makeup: Kady


Kady and Hayley will be doing another makeover for two other ladies in November so stay tuned for that. What a great thing to do for a couple of strangers, eh? There is still hope for humanity, haha…