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Yes, I was there! It was great! They had a video conference with their Sydney branch and everything! Hillsong Brisbane ( was originally Garden City Christian Church which has been officially taken over by the Hillsong Mega-church.

If you plan on visiting, its located at:

16 Rover Street,

Mt Gravatt, QLD,


Aaron, Steph, Reshaun and I went for the 2nd 10.30am service. We went early so we could get good seats! Unfortunately, this mean’t my “overview wide shot” didn’t show the real size of the auditorium.


This was from about the 4th or 5th row. Also, photography and videography was STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the auditorium so all my shots were spy shots!


First EVER praise and worship from Hillsong Brisbane (Actually second, it was the 2nd service)


Brian Houston, Hillsong Church Senior Pastor.


Reuben Morgan, lead singer/guitarist.


Joel A’Bell,  Executive Pastor.


This was one of the backup singers during praise and worship. What’s interesting is his resemblance with a friend of mine, Will. This is Will:


Funny right? …maybe not to you…