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Hi all,

It’s 3.30am on Saturday morning and I’ve been rolling around in bed…can’t seem to sleep so decided to contribute something to the blog…we’ll see what time this post finishes later…I didn’t quie get to post about the second road trip because I fell asleep writing the previous hopefully this will be short and sweet so that I can move on to some more interesting things…

I made the mistake of starting from events from the beginning of November thinking that it would be boring so at least I could keep myself occupied with posting past adventures but turns out this holiday is pretty darn entertaining and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon!

OK, so this road trip was to the Sunshine Coast…we at USQ (University of Southern Queensland) had finished our exams earlier but Wilson’s girlfriend studies at USC (University of Sunshine Coast) and it was her last day of exam so we went down to pick her up to come back with us to toowoomba…

meet Wilson.

meet Wilson.

Meet Sabrina.

Meet Sabrina.

Edna also came with us…her boyfriend had to work so he didn’t come…but that didn’t stop him from bugging her on the phone about 5 times an hour! (kidding!)

Meet Edna.

Meet Edna.

Sunshine Coast for those of you who don’t know is like the Gold Coast but not as commercialized. Having said that its still booming with hotels along the beach but is not nearly as bad as the Gold Coast. We were ready for 2 fun filled days of FUN-IN-THE-SUN…

unfortunately, the weather did not quite agree…

From the moment we left Toowoomba til the moment we arrived it was just grey and miserable! It didn’t stop raining either…so theres no pictures of what would’ve been a beautiful landscape so I’ll just have to bore you with that we did do – SHOPPING…BO-RRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNG!

We went to the Cuckoo Clock House which was nice…as always…

When we arrived at USC Sabrina just finished her final exam…we waited for her in a gallery in the middle of the Uni coz it was too wet outside…there was a sign that said no photography but thanks to my new Fastpack 350 bag I was able to sneak a few shots without getting caught…

At the ‘Coast we went to a mall there and spent 4 friggin hours there! (the above people really can SHOP!)

After getting bored I took some pictures of the mall…

Needless to say that got old real fast…we finally headed back after everyone was satisfied with their shopping…A darn special mention to the Tahitians who were allowed us to stay overnight in their house. They were exceedingly abundantly hospitable and friendly! …so special thanks to Bob, Perry, and Naomi *hope I got that right* They all have tatoos and I found this one particularly interesting…

looks cool eh?

looks cool eh? (one of Perry's many tats)

They’re technically from Tahiti but they don’t live on the main island itself…they came from another small island which is a French colony…so they all speak French! Their house was beautiful and Edna had some sort of fetish with their toilet…

Toilet Fetish?!

Toilet Fetish?! (man, I love my UWA Sigma)

all in all it wasn’t sunny and we didn’t get to go swimming…but we had fun none-the-less! …and what better way to finish it off with a group photo:

Thats Bob and Perry in the middle with Steph and I on the side...Perry was working.

Stay tuned, you won’t believe what I did next…I went flying!!! …and Iet me tell you arial photography is no easy feat! sneak preview:

From Left: Jiaren, Aaron, Ps. Yew Meng

From Left: Jiaren, Aaron, Ps. Yew Meng

…and the time now is 4.36am.